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Using the Real Estate Tax Calculator

Get the property’s assessed value at the Cambria County Tax Assessment site, then click the BEGIN button below to start the program:



Users must obtain the property’s county assessed value before using this program.

Open these Instructions for using the Cambria County Tax Assessment site
> A property’s assessed value is not the same as the purchase price, market value, or appraised value.
> The county assigns an assessed value to every property.


Cambria County Real Estate Taxes

See any Cambria County property’s individual county and municipal real estate taxes for the 2018 tax year and the school taxes for the 2017-2018 term. Each of the three tax types is broken down to show the discount, face, and penalty amounts for each individual tax. (All penalty amounts are currently calculated at 10% by default.)

The Cambria County Historical Real Estate Tax Calculator shows the annual increase or decrease of each of the three taxes for the twelve years beginning with 2005 and ending with 2017. The historical tax calculator includes interactive charts and graphs that allow you to click any chart to immediately change the focus of each real estate tax type.

This program is updated as revised millage rates are published: This program was last updated on February 1, 2018.


Cambria County from 34 to 33.5

Brownstown Borough from 23 to 25
Chest Township to from 4.12 to 5.12
East Conemaugh Borough from 20 to 23
Ehrenfeld Borough from 19 to 24
Franklin Borough from 24.5 to 29.5
Gallitzin Borough from 23 to 25
Hastings Borough from 18.5 to 20.5
South Fork Borough from 33.5 to 36.5


Cambria Heights SD to 61 from 59
Ferndale SD to 81 from 78
Glendale SD to 68.47 from 66.41
Greater Johnstown SD to 48.62 from 46.8
Westmont Hilltop SD to 86.2 from 85.2
Windber Area SD to 45.12 from 43.26

~ See the dollar increases for any property from 2005 through 2017


> This program does not determine or retrieve any property’s assessed value.
> County and municipal taxes are updated after the millage rates are released each spring.
> School taxes are updated after the millage rates are released each summer.
> All penalty rates are currently calculated at 10%
> If the county site is down or does not load correctly, simply wait and try the county site again at a later time.


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